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Vidai - Bidai - Doli

Vidai - Bidai - Doli - Indian Wedding Tradition - Explained through hindu culture and our wedding photography

Vidai or Doli – Hindu Wedding Rituals

When Indian wedding ceremony is at its end, the tradition called – Vidai, Bidaai or Doli – tradition happens in presence of friends and family. Vidai – Bidai – Dolly means Goodbye to Bride – it is one of the most sentimental wedding tradition of any wedding across the globe.  The final indian wedding ritual marks the end of Bride’s life as a daughter of her biological parents and is ready to establish her new role as a wife and daughter-in-law of groom’s family.


During Vidaai ceremony, indian bride leaves her maternal home or the wedding venue with her new married husband in a luxury car, horse carriage, helicopter, boat or traditionally in a Doli.


 As per indian wedding tradition, the bride throws phulian or puffed rice over her head, which bride’s mother catches in her saree following behind her. This ritual is meaningful in terms of leaving good wishes for her parents.  The ritual conveys her good wishes for her parents. The  bride says goodbye to her parents, siblings and rest of her family. This is very emotional indian wedding ritual where almost everyone from bride side is in tears and sometimes the groom himself gets emotional as he can’t see his wife crying while she is leaving her maternal house. 


India brides/daughters are considered the manifestation of Goddess Lakshmi, the deity of wealth and prosperity. So, while leaving, the bride practices the ritual to keep wealth and prosperity intact in her home. This is the most emotional moment of the complete marriage ceremony as the bride's family and friends bids her a teary farewell.


With this they also bless her for a happy married life. The father of the bride takes her to the car or the Doli and hands her to the groom. Bride’s brothers/male cousins also join her to her husband, who waits to take her to his family home to begin her new life as a married woman.

To continue the ceremony, groom’s mother prepares for newly married couple’s arrival at their house. The mother-in-law has a glass of water in her hand, which she circles 3 times around her new daughter-in-law and then offers it to her to drink, as a symbol of her acceptance and blessing as her newest daughter.

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