Pre-wedding Photo Shoot - Engagement Photo Session

Pre-wedding Photo shoot also known as Engagement Photo Session is offered by Fine Art Production to every bride and groom before their wedding. We suggest to have Engagement photo session at least two months prior to your wedding day. We plan the location, poses mixed with different styles for you.


Fine Art Production include an engagement photo session as part of the overall package, which presents a good opportunity to share engagement photo shoot ideas with our bride & groom. It also gives us a chance to experiment with flattering angles, poses and lighting levels before the wedding day. Engagement photo session with Chirali & Amish Thakkar, will make you feel confident with engagement photo shoot dresses, outdoor photo session poses, photo shoot locations and trial for your engagement photo shoot makeup as well.

Chirali Thakkar, being a leading female indian wedding photographer in Indian Wedding Photography industry, she has mastered the art of making every Indian Bride super comfortable in front of her camera. Chirali always speaks to every bride before her wedding to understand what is bride's style and her choice of wedding photograph. 

Amish Thakkar, being a lead indian wedding cinematographer, brings his art of capturing the smallest details captured though his latest wedding camera gears. Amish's fun nature relaxes every indian bride and indian groom during their bridal portrait session. 

Amish captures every wedding video very candidly asking bride to bring her personality very comfortably so even for wedding video, bride doesn't feel awkward.

If you haven't booked your wedding photographer yet, we are sure that after looking at engagement photos taken by Fine Art Production will bring you lots of ideas in where you can use those pictures. The best time to snap your engagement photos depends on how and when you plan to use them. We provide you guest sign book, gallery wrapped canvas prints, big size banner and custom framings as well using your engagement photos of your choice.

Pre-wedding music video

There are plenty of ideas to consider for indian engagement portraits photography.


From the classic black and white bridal portrait, bride with her most funny look, bride with goofy faces, bride's elegant style posed portrait, or a bridal portrait showcasing the style of which bridal designer outfit she is wearing. 

An engagement photo definitely doesn't require you to shop for coordinating outfits. But clashing patterns and colors may be a bit much. Here are some of our basic guidelines for dressing the part:

  • The wardrobe: Whether you're going formal or casual, solid colors are a must. Try to avoid plaids, florals, patterns and head-to-toe black or white clothing—and keep the silhouettes streamlined. Some couples coordinate their clothing palettes to the point of looking a bit matchy, but there's no need to go overboard. If you're worried about color, pick a neutral and a few coordinating color tones you both like and stick to those hues.

  • The accessories: Keep your jewelry ultrasimple to avoid flashy distractions in your pics. For men, that means leave your watch and any rings at home. Women should stick to unfussy earrings with a simple necklace or bracelet (or one statement piece), and your engagement ring.


Now that you and your bae are engaged, it’s time to commemorate the momentous occasion with a romantic photoshoot. But where do you start? There are so many cheesy couples' photos and countless run-of-the-mill shots that it can be a challenge to snap a photo that is truly your own. But thankfully, you don't have to rely on those predictable poses and overdone locations. There are a handful of things you can do to make sure your photos turn out perfectly one-of-a-kind and feel right for you and your parter.

Before you jump into your session, here's what you should know about engagement photoshoots. 

Location - Your Favorite Spot, Your Next Vacation, Your First Date

Poses - Unless you're a model, getting "candid" shots will probably feel anything but natural—but there are a few simple ways to help ease any discomfort. PDA: From simple handholding to sexy, bikini-clad kisses, showing off some public displays of affection always makes for a sweet photo. Using Props, Candid Shots. Consider Your Wardrobe, Timing, everything will make a difference on outcome of your final engagement photo session.

Chirali & Amish Thakkar

We listen to your ideas, your love story, we customize the wedding photography experience for you that you will cherish forever.

Call us to schedule your wedding consultation.

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This playlist is put-together by Indian Wedding Photographer and Cinematographer - Chirali & Amish Thakkar from Fine Art Production. This list has variety of wedding related songs and music that anyone who is getting married can use it or who recently got married can use it for wedding video editing. This list consists of wedding ceremony songs, garba songs, pithi songs, baarat songs, first dance music, flute instrumental music, danida raas music, reception dance floor tracks and many more. Enjoy this creation.