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Sheraton Parsippany Wedding – Indian Wedding – Hiral & Harshal – photography by Amish Thakkar

Sheraton Parsippany also known as Sheraton Tara or Sheraton Castle is extremely popular Indian Wedding Venue in Northern Jersey.

You can certainly guess when a date that was set for nothing past an hour or two, over a bite and few drinks, turns into a 6 hour long…. it is certainly considered the best first date ever!!!

Introduced by a mutual friend…. a girl who is Very creative, loves cooking, interior decor, and home projects, and who is a physician assistant practicing in urgent care – HIRAL; meets an IT professional guy, who has craze for sports and loves playing and watching sports – HARSHAL - The twos chemistry was instantaneous. After their amazing first date, Hiral and Harshal instantly became inseparable. From that point on, the couple talked every single day. They went on various adventurous dates and shared beautiful memories, until one day they finally put a label on it :)

Sheraton Parsippany | Indian Wedding Film | Hiral & Harshal by Fine Art Production

Here comes the Proposal:

Harshal knew early on Hiral was the one but time just made him surer. It was not just their chemistry, it was the way their friends, family, and surroundings fell into place like puzzle pieces that were one day meant to come together. Less than two years into the relationship, Harshal decided he was going to marry Hiral, and soon. Knowing Hiral, Harshal wanted to do something outside the box and unconventional, something that would surely catch her by surprise. Skydiving was always on Hiral and Harshal's bucket list, so Harshal figured why not throw two surprises in one. Harshal's plan was to take Hiral skydiving, Unfortunately, his well-choreographed plan did not work due to unforeseen rainy weather, the original plan could not be implemented.

But that did not stop Harshal. They find the highest peak in NJ, go set up a beautiful ambiance with one of Hiral’s favorite songs in the background, and they make sure that Hiral and Harshal have the proposal they deserve.

After much stalling, Harshal finally got Hiral to the Highpoint, got down on one knee, and asked the most important question of their lives...On September 8, 2018 Hiral said YES, and the rest is under construction.

Here comes the Indian Wedding Planning:

Pre-wedding Ceremony:

Hiral and her family planned her Mehndi Celebration at their relative’s home. Beautiful Mehndi also knows as Henna was applied on Hiral’s hands and on her feet. It was a beautiful evening as their celebration was taking it’s first step towards four days long indian wedding celebration.

Ganesh Puja, Pithi - Haldi Ceremony, Grah Shanti:

Hiral’s pre-wedding Gujarati rituals also known as Manglik Prasango were performed at Sheraton Parsippany. Harshal’s Manglik prasango celebration was held at his residence. Each Indian Wedding starts with Ganesh Puja where the Indian bride & Indian groom along with their family worship Lord Ganesha praying to bless them all and let their wedding celebration be completed without any interruption and to bless newlyweds.

Haldi also known as Pithi ceremony in Gujju wedding traditions is performed on Bride Hiral & Groom Harshal where Yellow Turmeric Paste is applied on their face and their body to brighten them. Grahshanti also known as Grah Satak is also performed by Hindu Priest to bring the happiness to the host and their immediate family members.

Garba – Sangeet Celebration:

Any Gujarati wedding is not complete if they do not have Garba celebration as part of their wedding events. Everyone dressed up in beautiful designer Chaniya Choli and the beautiful Garba night was organized at Ashirwad Palace in Randolph New Jersey. Hiral and Harshal did awesome Dandiya Raas along with lots of Bollywood dance performances with their friends.

Sheraton Parsippany also known as Sheraton Tara or Sheraton Castle is extremely popular Indian Wedding Venue in Northern Jersey. Hiral and Harshal decided to host their Indian Wedding Ceremony at Sheraton Parsippany because of its Castle look and since they have lots of guests coming from out of state and out of country and wanted to have all them stay at the venue so that they all can have amazing vibes of being together as one big family. Sheraton Parsippany is known for hosting several big fat indian weddings every year. Their beautiful banquet hall is perfect for gathering up to 500 guests.

The beautiful wedding décor was provided by Wedding Design and ear soothing Sound and DJ entertainment was provided by DJ Gaurav Sood. Hiral and Harshal chose Moghul Catering as their delicious indian food provider. Arun Bhambri took care of planning their wedding with extreme details as both H&H are so much into detailing of every aspect of their wedding. Beautiful Bridal Makeup was provided by Marissa Christine while amazing hair styling was done by Dawn Gomez and their horse carriage was provided by Dream Horse Carriage

and delicious cake was provided by Cake Palermo .

Hiral & Harshal’s wedding started with capturing their beautiful getting ready pictures by Chirali & Amish Thakkar from Fine Art Production. The amazing planner team from Detailed Affair Events were in-charge to make sure everything runs so smoothly for their Indian Wedding Celebration.

Check out this beautiful getting ready pictures slideshow:

Right after Getting Ready pictures, couple went outdoors with their best Indian Wedding Photographer to get their First Look Pictures. It was truly emotional; filled with lots of love first look as gorgeous Bride Hiral walked towards her Groom Harshal while all the bridesmaids were in background cheering for their first Bridal Look.

Check out these amazing First Look Pictures Slideshow of Hiral & Harshal: