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Indian Groom Portraits

Indian Groom Portrait during the day of Indian Wedding at various indian wedding ceremony

Indian Groom Outfit, Indian Groom Stylist ideas, Indian wedding day groom hair-style,  Latest Portrait Style of Indian Groom on his Wedding day.

lamborghini - groom poses on his wedding day

Every indian bride wants to look the most beautiful on her big fat indian wedding day and  the best way to capture her quintessential beauty is a timeless looking indian bridal portrait.

Chirali Thakkar, being a leading female indian wedding photographer in Indian Wedding Photography industry, she has mastered the art of making every Indian Bride super comfortable in front of her camera. Chirali always speaks to every bride before her wedding to understand what is bride's style and her choice of wedding photograph. 

Amish Thakkar, being a lead indian wedding cinematographer, brings his art of capturing the smallest details captured though his latest wedding camera gears. Amish's fun nature relaxes every indian bride and indian groom during their bridal portrait session. 

Amish captures every wedding video very candidly asking bride to bring her personality very comfortably so even for wedding video, bride doesn't feel awkward.

The latest trends of making bride look stunning on her wedding day is to capture her own personality in the most simplified way without pushing her to do awkward things.  The more the bride is relaxed and in her best mood, the chances of getting more gorgeous bridal portraits.


There are plenty of ideas to consider for indian bridal portraits photography.


From the classic black and white bridal portrait, bride with her most funny look, bride with goofy faces, bride's elegant style posed portrait, or a bridal portrait showcasing the style of which bridal designer outfit she is wearing. 

Make sure to start the Indian Wedding Bride's solo portrait session early enough in a day - specially in United States Indian Wedding and Indian Wedding Reception are on the same day. This brings the time crunch and if you are ready and up early enough, you will loose the beautiful morning light - you can use early morning sun rays coming through window to capture nice window light bridal portrait. 

Certainly use the bride's getting ready suite to capture the beauty of the surrounding that will capture story telling bridal portraits. 


During the bridal portraits, making sure to use her bridal jewelry as props, bridal henna as element and bridal lehenga and bridal dupatta as additional bridal ornaments while photographing bridal portraits. 


Also the quirky and fun bridal portraits, make sure to team with Indian Bride well in advance to plan her bridal portrait session and come up with the most creative ideas. Fine Art Production has wide experience of capturing stunning indian bride's solo portraits in various settings. Please go though the Fine Art Production's highly trained wedding photographers gallery of hundreds of pictures of the best bridal portraits. These images will help you and give you a lot of inspiration for your bridal portraits photography.


During Indian Wedding Ceremony, Fine Art Production's excellent photographers capture many candid wedding moments of solo bride and solo groom. We create eye-contact with bride during the wedding ceremony and inspire them to look directly into camera with their happy, fun, emotional feelings without interrupting wedding ceremony. The result is very stunning detailed bridal portrait that every indian bride and her family loves.

Chirali & Amish Thakkar

We listen to your ideas, your love story, we customize the wedding photography experience for you that you will cherish forever.

Call us to schedule your wedding consultation.

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This playlist is put-together by Indian Wedding Photographer and Cinematographer - Chirali & Amish Thakkar from Fine Art Production. This list has variety of wedding related songs and music that anyone who is getting married can use it or who recently got married can use it for wedding video editing. This list consists of wedding ceremony songs, garba songs, pithi songs, baarat songs, first dance music, flute instrumental music, danida raas music, reception dance floor tracks and many more. Enjoy this creation.