Indian Wedding Live Stream during Covid-19 era

Indian Weddings are known as Big Fat Indian Wedding as most indian wedding celebrations are over multiple days at various locations. Due to Covid-19, most Indian Weddings are affected and weddings are now happening small with intimate ceremony in presence of closest family and friends. 


Most guests are not allowed to travel due to current covid-19 travel restrictions around the globe. Does it mean, you can not celebrate your once in a lifetime celebration of being together? Does it mean, all your friends will not be able to witness your indian wedding? 


We have been very creative in bringing the technology that can be used to stream your indian wedding live so that all your family and friends can witness your indian wedding ceremony and send their blessings your way. 

Live Streaming Indian Wedding - Fine Art Production

Fine Art Production team have invested in latest technology gears to provide uninterrupted live-streaming of indian wedding ceremony. We use top of the line camera that is made specifically for live-streaming. Invite your friends and family to watch your beautiful wedding ceremony.

Please click on the link below to view Live Streaming of Indian Wedding of your loved ones. Enjoy while sitting in your comfort zone, grab some popcorn and some drinks! Cheers to Newly Married Couple!!


Chirali & Amish Thakkar

(Please email us to inquire about live-streaming cost of wedding or your upcoming event at or call us at +17329392104.)

Once the live stream is ended feel free to view some of our best Indian Wedding Photography, Indian Wedding Films, Check out Indian Wedding Venues and learn more about Indian Wedding Customs and Rituals. We are available to make amazing wedding moments. Call us to schedule your virtual appointment or meet in person at our beautiful boutique studio. 

Spread the Word

When you livestream your wedding, you can invite a lot more friends and family to join you without having to break the bank. Send an electronic invite to guests to let them know when you plan to livestream the event. You can also announce the date and time on your social media. This will bring many people to witness your indian wedding ceremony and you will get lot more compliments and blessings.

Upcoming Live Streaming Indian Wedding Events:

Pereen & Craig - The Marigold -Somerset - New Jersey

September 26th, 2020 Indian Wedding Live Stream by Fine Art Production

Pereen & Craig - RECEPTION -The Marigold -Somerset - New Jersey

September 26th, 2020 Indian Wedding Live Stream by Fine Art Production

Kruthika & Amrit - Somerset -New Jersey September 27th, 2020 Indian Wedding Live Stream by Fine Art Production

Darshna & Priyank - Parsippany - New Jersey September 20th, 2020 Indian Wedding Live Stream by Fine Art Production

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