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Indian Wedding Bride Getting Ready Pictures

Must have Getting Ready photos for

Indian Bride & Bridesmaids with Family

Bride Getting Ready Photos

The bride getting ready photos are the most important to get captured while indian bride is handling so many wedding day activities – waking up super early (we strongly suggest to have at-least 5 hours of good night sleep), getting 3-4 hours of bridal make-up, bridal hair-style, bridal-jewelry, fancy bride shoes, designer bridal lehenga, bridal tikka, bridal party and of course lots of happiness and some stress and nervousness.


This is where expert photographers and videographers from Fine Art Production appear on-site to capture the smallest details, capturing lots of candid-bride-getting-ready-photo-moments, using creative lighting, reflection-in-mirror-photography, looking through the dupatta pictures, fixing your nose-ring posed candid picture, fixing your wedding jewelry detail portraits, mother-helping-bride-getting-ready-moments, laughing and having fun-with-brides-maids-portraits, a candid cute moment with your little niece and / or nephew who is going to be a ring-bearer for your wedding, very loving moment-with-bride’s-father-portrait and may be a groom-peaking-into-bride’s-room pictures – We will be there quietly capturing bride-getting-ready-photos on our camera.