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Real Weddings - Indian Wedding Photographer & Indian Wedding Cinematographer

Chirali & Amish along with Fine Art Production team have traveled extensively world-wide to bring you the beautiful story-telling indian wedding photography.

Amish Thakkar started his passion for wedding photography when he was just 19 years, starting from those amazing black and white  indian wedding photography days, developing black and white films in dark room to one of the very first one to start digital wedding photography with those floppy disk digital camera. He learned the art of indian wedding photography from various resources while studying for electrical engineering. By the time, he became engineer he was already known in community and along his friend circle as Professional Indian Wedding Photographer. 

Amish started capturing indian weddings in smallest villages in india;  bringing amazing wedding moments alive, learning commercial photography - travelling to Germany (for the first time he traveled in Plane in 1998) for making documentary films for few German Industries, becoming assistant cinematographer in Bollywood Film Industry and finally arriving in USA just a day before September 11, 2001, going through hell of struggles but not settling down for anything small, he has captured all kind of weddings from small budget to blank check payouts.

Chirali inspired by his Father - well known Photographer back in Baroda - India, her love for photography began when she was just so little, standing in dark-room along with her mother, holding her saree, she had no idea that one day she will be the most in demand female wedding photographer in USA within indian community. Her graphic skills makes every image excellent that we process, perfectionist in every aspect,she doesn't compromise in any small details.

Every indian bride that walks-in to our studio makes perfect connection with Chirali. Her philosophy to understand bride from her point of view, narrating the wedding story by photographing every single details, not compromising with anything and making sure that the couple and family is completely satisfied makes her outstanding in everything she does. 

Come and meet Chirali & Amish - leading indian wedding photographer and indian wedding cinematographer and pioneers of the indian wedding industry to bring your dream wedding vision come ture.

Please browse through the Galleries of Real Indian Wedding Photography that will surely amaze you.


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