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Must have Getting Ready photos for

Indian Groom & Solo Portraits of Groom


The groom getting ready photos are equally important to get captured alongside with bride getting ready pictures.

While indian bride is handling so many wedding day activities – waking up super early (we strongly suggest to have at-least 5 hours of good night sleep), Groom is also busy planning his day to make sure the day goes as smooth as it can so his bride can enjoy it to the best and ultimately this big day will be remembered in their life forever.

This is where expert photographers and videographers from Fine Art Production appear on-site to capture the smallest details, capturing lots of candid-groom-getting-ready-photo-moments, using creative lighting, reflection-in-mirror-photography, fixing his beard, making sure that he has perfect hair-style (most groom do their own hair and beards - oppose to bride having makeup person and hairstylist), fixing his turban, having fun with his groomsmen,  fixing his sherwani and suit for the evening,  mother and father helping-groom-getting-ready-moments, laughing and having fun-with-groomsmen-portraits, a candid cute moment with his little niece and / or nephew who is going to be a ring-bearer for wedding, very loving moment-with-groom’s-sister-portrait and may be a groom-peaking-into-bride’s-room pictures – We will be there quietly capturing bride-getting-ready-photos on our camera.


Our Approach To The Groom Getting Ready Photos:

Most of all the grooms we know, and almost all our clients, tell us they prefer having their photo taken after we complete the bride's getting ready pictures, so that he can get little more sleep. We always like to create beautiful, stylish emotional portraits with emotion and excitement as you are getting ready. Those wonderful moments with your groomsmen, mother, sister or whoever else is helping you. 

If you have matching groomsmen outfits for all your bridal party, then let’s have them out on all of you. We can certainly grab some fun photos of you all together wearing custom made outfits. If you are sharing gifts with your groomsmen, let's take a beautiful details of it as well.


While you are in the earlier stages of getting ready, we like to concentrate on capturing the location and creating really nice photos of your details and accessories.

the-stonewall-estate-delhi-new york-groom-getting-ready-photos


Here are some Tips that will be really helpful to make you feel comfortable and Getting Better the Groom Getting Ready Photos.

  1. When you book your venue, first thing You must ask it to get you a Suite or to give you a meeting room space for you and your groomsmen can have space to hangout and have fun.We certainly want to suggest to have your getting ready room separate than other to avoid congestion and to avoid excessive noise. You want to start your day peaceful and calm. 

  2. Make sure all your event outfits are separately packed per event in separate bags – that has everything for that particular event and make sure you make the list of content in that bag – print the list and keep one inside bag and one with someone who is going to be in charge of it. This will minimize the chances of loosing or forgetting anything for your big day.

  3. Create a Youtube playlist that you would like to hear while you are getting ready. Getting-ready-music-list will help you keep calm and entertained. Groom getting ready is a fun process.

  4. Get your Clothes Squared Away -making sure you have everything you wanted on your big day.

  5. Accessories can make the outfit - so bring all that goes with your outfits.

  6. Get a Mani / Pedi - it is so important as we will be taking lot of details of hand and feet during the ceremony like hast-melap, fera, garland exchange, feet washing and more.

  7. Get on the Same Page with your Family and your Point Person

  8. Write a Letter to your Bride before the Wedding Day Unravels - so that you don't stress out for anything.

  9. Get your Bride a Wedding Gift - we will capture nice gift-exchange pictures.

  10. Prepare for a Quick Thank You Speech for your Reception

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