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Indian Wedding Female Photographer

Chirali & Amish Thakkar

                                          Fine Art Production 

was started by us back in 1995 in Baroda – India and then moved to the USA in 2001. We are perhaps the first photographer's team in the USA to start shooting Indian weddings in a more candid style. We both took up wedding photography because we thought it as the best way to experience what we love the most in life and about life and that is exploring new places, meeting new people, making new friends, lots of good food, lots of laughter and conversation. Fine Art Production was the pioneer in going completely Digitally in shooting Indian wedding photography and cinematography and also provide the best luxury Indian wedding event planner service in the US. 

We both come from Photography backgrounds. Amish learned photography from Chirali’s father, Mr. Ramesh Thakkar who is a renowned photographer of those beautiful days of film and darkroom photography. In the early days of learning photography during the engineering college days, Amish got a solid sense of capturing the beautiful moments on his camera. Amish was the only Photographer who was called to shoot a film in Germany in 1999 from this small town Baroda because of his dedication, art, and professionalism and since then he never looked back.
He has learned a lot in the Advertising Film Industry from his Guru Mr. Gopal Shah who is an ace filmmaker in Bollywood. Amish has mastered the art of Indian Wedding Cinematography and produced so many popular wedding films that are raved by many many families. 

While Chirali - Indian Wedding Female Photographer, learned the art of wedding photography in a very natural way as since her birth as she was grown under the photography world. She was holding her father’s hand standing in a dark room while the father will develop pictures using photography chemicals and as the image appears on blank paper, she would wonder how did that happen. That curiosity led her to be a photographer. Chirali is the most vibrant and most demanded Indian Wedding Female Photographer and very well-respected name in every family who is ready to have a wedding for their loved ones. It is every bride’s dream to have Chirali as her main photographer. With her unique talent for understanding every need of a bride, she makes sure that the bride gets beautiful memories that she will hold for the rest of her life.        


We are managing an enterprise which offers photography and cinematography service all over the world. Currently, we are geared up to handle really big weddings that require multiple photographers and cinematographers as well as small intimate affairs that have only a photographer or two.


Currently, Fine Art Production has a team of handpicked professionals and Indian Wedding Female Photographer who comprise the core photography and cinematography teams. Since our inception, we have done over 2400 big fat Indian weddings. It's a great achievement for us considering the fact that we have covered weddings from almost every culture of India, almost every community in India and we are fortunate to have mastered the art of multi-cultural weddings.

These weddings also came with their set of learning and unlearning. They have all been an opportunity to learn about different cultures, rituals, and food. It has made us culturally more aware and enriched. The small details that we now know which no one or no website can tell you. This institution has also brought so many couples and families of different communities together. It only brings joy to us when we see people of different faith and countries getting married and their families standing by their side all for the sake of their love. These moments are nothing but opportunities thrown at us to learn and accept with an open mind about various communities living in one world.


  With weddings came a lot of traveling which gave us a chance to explore many cities not only in India but also many cities out of India. With so much traveling and meeting, so many people came interesting stories which has enriched our lives as photographers and people.


   It's always a great honor when couples come to us and say that we are their dream wedding photographers or videographers. It's so humbling when we are told that they love our work. It feels like a great responsibility to deliver each time when people tell us Fine Art Production as one of the top most, popular, famous, finest and sought after team of wedding photographers and cinematographers.


   In India, they have, a saying that it’s not the couple but the families who get married. We would like to continue this phrase by saying, - we become narrators of their wedding story for all the times and generations to come.

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