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World Golf Village Renaissance St. Augustine Resort - Indian Wedding Garba, Ceremony & Reception

The 4 Diamond Renaissance Resort is Located in St. Augustine, World Golf Village Renaissance St. Augustine Resort is in the historical district and on a lake. Nestled amid America’s oldest city, World Golf Village Renaissance St. Augustine Resort is a relaxing haven in a celebrated travel destination. Indian Wedding Photography by Chirali Thakkar & Indian Wedding Video by Amish Thakkar.

Esha & Simit-renaissance-st-augustine-resort-indian-wedding
Esha & Simit-renaissance-st-augustine-resort-indian-wedding

Imagine your wedding ceremony and on top - Big Fat Gujarati Indian Wedding Ceremony hosted at this beautiful Marriott Resort, you are surely going to love everything that this place has to offer.

Esha Soni - who is Outgoing, Bubbly, Foodie, Proactive, Charming & Dedicated & Simit Parikh- who is Athletic, Calm, Determined, Affectionate, Carefree, Passionate met on Blind date and planned their Vibrant, Cultural, Glamorous Indian Wedding along with their friends and family - almost over 450 guests from all around the world.


Here is their beautiful love story:

Simit - Pharmacist by profession, would visit Florida every once in a while, as he has done for years, but that one august 2017 visit turned out to be life changing. Simit was set up on a blind date with Nuclear Medicine Technologist - Esha, little did both of them know that this dinner of Mexican food and margaritas at Casa Maria would lead to life long relationship.

After that visit both continued to talk and got to know each other better. They immediately felt a spark and shared an unique compatibility. Conversations turned into alternating visits between New Jersey, Florida and several other states.

Finally, in summer 2018 it became evident to Simit at a small bench in a big park in Chicago, that Esha was the one. On Christmas eve Simit popped the question at a renowned NYC restaurant, and Esha said YES!


Esha & Simit - World Golf Village Renaissance St. Augustine Resort - Indian Wedding Film:

Robust venue with a great location for a barat plus spacious rooms for guests with a very serene entrance and colorful atmosphere within the resort and scenic views outside….history of the city of St Augustine added to the beauty of the stand alone resort as well was the main reason for Esha & Simit to chose this beautiful indian wedding venue.

Esha & Simit-renaissance-st-augustine-resort-indian-wedding
Esha & Simit-renaissance-st-augustine-resort-indian-wedding
Esha & Simit-renaissance-st-augustine-resort-indian-wedding
indian wedding couple portraits photography
bridal portrait photography by waterfront

indian wedding bride getting ready with beautiful bridal jewelry and henna on her hand fixing her nose ring.

henna also known as bridal mehndi is one of the oldest indian wedding tradition that every brides loves to have on her hands and on her feet.

during indian wedding, bride and groom gets ready separately as they are not supposed to see each other before their wedding as per old indian rituals.

every indian family waits for this beautiful wedding day in their life. Indian Weddings are treated as one of the festivals. Parents and siblings make the groom ready with lots of joy.

father of the indian groom is making sure that his son looks perfect and all the preparation until this big day goes smoothly.

it is the time to shine for this handsome dashing indian groom as he is completely ready to meet his dream girl - indian bride - indian queen of his life.

pearl necklace looks beautiful on groom as part of the wedding outfit along with sherwani.

sword is very important part of the groom's attire on his indian wedding day as part of his wedding outfit. it is meant to protect his life and his wife to be life for rest of his wedded life as per indian wedding tradition.

bride and grooms attire was selected to represent cultural traditional hindu marriage colors or white/beige and red; bridal party attire was selected to match each other and to show positive contrast to the bride and groom.

Our first look—walking through a scenic walkway right outside the resort and looking into each others eyes right before the wedding procession and realizing the true emotion and love surrounding us as we are about to embark on a new chapter in our lives.

Having Chirali & Amish from Fine Art Production to capture our wedding moments was one of the best decision we have made during our wedding planning. We heard about them through other friends in Florida from another wedding as well as from a wedding expo held by one of our close friends in New Jersey; chose to work with them because we felt that they had the experience to work indian weddings and fully understood the cultural values; we were very impressed by their studio and all the work they had published and from what we had seen at the studio…our experience working with them has been very amicable; they are extremely passionate about their work and what they do and they make you feel like they are family and make u feel very comfortable whether its during a photo shoot or during videography of all the events; they were very approachable and flexible as well and tried to cater to our requests/needs.

Esha & Simit's Garba Celebration:

The Radha Krishna statues rangoli set up for the sangeet night—the elegant and flowery wall décor of the reception; wedding- the ganesh statues on the sides as well as the butterfly mandap decor.

Esha & Simit's Indian Wedding Bridal Party and Family Pictures:

Esha & Simit's Indian Wedding Baarat Photography by Fine Art Production:

Esha & Simit's Indian Wedding Ceremony:

Esha & Simit's Reception Celebration: