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One of the most important, fun and colorful pre-wedding ceremonies in Indian marriages is the Mehndi Ceremony. Every bride wishes to capture each and every special and precious moments of all the wedding ceremonies, which can be cherished for lifetime. Fine Art Production makes sure to take a lot of fun wedding photos, bridal portraits and groom photos which are of High quality. Our professional Mehndi Photographer also suggest trending poses which none of the brides want to miss out in her wedding album.

Take on Mehndi Photography by Fine Art Production and few astonishing Mehndi Ceremony Pictures

Indian Wedding ceremony – Mehndi is very beautiful subject for indian wedding photographer. Fine Art Production’s mehndi photographers are well trained to utilize different lighting and create amazing mehndi photography. We at Fine Art Production, suggest few creative poses for Indian Wedding bride and Indian Wedding groom to bring their inner beauty out and reflect their happiness as Mehndi ceremony is usually the first event of big fat indian wedding rituals and indian wedding celebration.

Lead Mehndi Photographer from Fine Art Production – Chirali Thakkar suggests that while mehndi is being applied on your hands and feet, choose a very comfortable area to sit as generally full hand mehndi on both hands and both feet typically takes about 3-6 hours. Please wear comfortable mehndi ceremony outfit. Also, we suggest that you have someone helping you during this time in case if you need anything. It is best to have your close friends, your cousins and even your groom to be around you to entertain you so that all the mehndi pictures come out very natural and pleasing. Amish Thakkar – veteran mehndi cinematographer captures beautiful time-lapse mehndi photography – small clips that you will see how it transformed the complete design on your hand and your feet from beginning to end. Enjoy some of the amazing mehndi photography for your indian wedding. We will certainly see you soon as your mehndi photographer.

Basically henna tattoo designs are applied on hands and feet of bride-to-be as part of Indian traditional rituals and henna also aids in smoothing stress. Nowadays the Mehndi Ceremony has become a grand affair than just a ritual.

To make your job easier, we have proposed few best Mehndi Ceremony shots and bridal portraits which capture your henna mehndi designs amazingly.

1. The one Bridal Mehndi Pose with Beautiful Big Smile.

Sitting for hours together to get your favorite henna tattoo design can be hectic, but don’t forget to smile and enjoy each and every moment of all the wedding ceremonies.

2. Dulhan Closeup Photo with Mehndi

Dulhan closeup photo is a must, as the picture shows the depth of love and happiness in your eyes.

3. The one while Indian Bride getting Henna Mehndi Design Applied.

A picture with the intricate henna art design getting applied on bride’s hand is mandatory in a Mehndi Ceremony.

4. A Fun Candid Mehndi Pictures of Indian Bride with Prince charming.

The joyous couple photo shoots just isn’t avoidable in any wedding ceremony.

5. The one Bridal Mehndi with Colorful Flower Jewelry

Bridal portrait without the colorful flower jewelry just can’t be missed and it also highlights the delicate henna art design on the bride.

6. The one which Bride shows the cute Henna Tattoo on your Feet.

In the Mehndi Ceremony Henna artists not only apply henna tattoo designs on your hands but also on your feet, which definitely doesn’t want to be left without capturing.

7. The one with the astonishing Bridal Mehndi Ceremony Decoration

Brides spend a lot of time in deciding the Mehndi Ceremony decoration and bridal photography without it is just incomplete.

8. The one where you show your beautiful Indian Bride Henna Mehndi Design to your hubby bear.

In the Mehndi Ceremony lovely dulha dulhan closeup photo is too good to miss. This is an amazing moment to capture where bride is flaunting her cute henna tattoos to her man.

9. The one which highlights the Bride's beautiful Henna Mehndi Design

A Mehndi Ceremony photo album will be incomplete without few pictures of the lovely intricate henna tattoo designs of the bride.

We understand how tired brides will be after sitting for so long to get the henna art designs, but our professional photographers at fine art production will be real quick in taking marvelous and stunning mehndi photos.

10. The one which captures the Significance of Bride's Dark Bridal Mehndi

what is the significance of Bride's Dark Mehndi? It is believed that darker the wedding henna design, deeper will be the love of husband. The picture with the dark bridal mehndi just cannot be missed in mehndi photography.

Well, we at have shortlisted all the happening and trending Mehndi ceremony photos for this wedding season.

Every indian wedding, a lot of emphasis is given to all the customs and rituals depending upon the religion and family traditions. Every indian wedding ceremony does have few very common traditions – and one of them is Mehndi.

Mehndi also known as Henna is an art form that mehndi artist or henna artist apply on hands and / or feet. Mehndi also known as Henna originated from Asian countries, mainly from India, Arab countries is also very popular worldwide in form of temporary tattoo. India is considered as the source from where the body art traditions with henna spread to different parts of the world like Egypt, Asia Minor and the Middle East.

Mehndi is made from small shrub-like plant, found in tropical climates of Indian sub-continent, Malaysia, Africa, Middle Eastern countries. The leaves and branches of this plant produce a red-orange dye that is responsible for imparting the characteristic color when bound with protein molecules of the upper skin layer.

Mehndi leaves are dried in sun and then made into powder, which is then combined with water, lemon juice, drops of eucalyptus oil, and mixed till a smooth paste is obtained. The paste is soaked overnight for maximum infusion and then poured inside a plastic cone. Smaller cones are preferred as it affords easier application. Please have ample of mehndi cones for you and everyone.

Mehndi Cones
Mehndi Cones for Mehndi Ceremony

Mehndi Artist: A lot depends upon whom you hire as your mehndi artist or henna artist. While choosing mehndi artist, please check out their mehndi art before you hire them. Mehndi artist should have knowledge about what kind of mehndi trends are currently famous. You can ask for natural mehndi, you can go for Arabic Mehndi art, you can also choose very modern mehndi art depending on your mehndi theme and your choice. The Mehndi artist price depends upon their experience and no of mehndi artist come at your event. Mehndi price for bride is ranging from $500 to $1100 in US and $10 to $20 per member of the family. You can negotiate the mehndi artist price depending on what you can afford. There are plenty of affordable mehndi artist available – search in google Mehndi Artist New jersey, Mehndi Artist New York, Orlando Mehndi Artist.

Mehndi is not only applied on indian bride, but these days Mehndi art is also famous to have for indian groom and indian wedding family members as well. Indian Wedding Bride and Groom come up with very creative ideas and many times they have matching mehndi designs on their hands and feet.

Mehndi is yet another traditional yet exciting pre wedding ceremony. In Indian weddings, a lot of emphasis is given on customs and rituals and the same is reflected in the Mehndi ceremony before marriage.

Mehendi Ceremony in indian wedding usually takes place just before marriage. According to the ritual, the bride does not step out of the house after this ceremony. Mehndi ceremony is hosted by the family of the bride and in the presence of friends, relatives and family members. However, the scale of the ceremony depends upon individual choice. Some people celebrate it with great pomp and show.

Our New Jersey Indian Wedding Photographer and New York indian wedding videographer travels around the globe to capture some of the best wedding tradition to bring the lifelong memories for our beloved indian bride and their families. Our Orlando Wedding Photographer loves to capture Mehndi ceremony in an outdoor setting under natural light surrounded with palm trees, lake, ocean and of course the beautiful indian wedding tent set up for their wedding celebration.

We are proud to serve over 2500 happy indian wedding couples who hired us knowing our wedding photography expertise, our timeliness and our wedding professionalism with our wide indian wedding culture knowledge and background.

Call Chirali and Amish Thakkar from Fine Art Production to be your Mehndi Wedding Photographer or your Henna ceremony photographer.

Creative Mehndi Photography is our art and we assure you that you will love your mehndi pictures.

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