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Are you curious about south Indian wedding traditions & customs? Check out our south Indian traditional wedding images which will give you lots of insight about how south Indian people from southern part of Indian celebrates south Indian wedding ceremony. There are over twelve different kinds of south Indian wedding traditions and customs observed in India. Nishchitartham, Lagnam, Kashi Yatra or Kanyadaan are just to name few of the south Indian wedding ceremonies. Other than the traditional wedding ceremonies, all these southern states have various south Indian traditional wedding jewelry, traditional south Indian wedding decorations, south Indian traditional wedding sarees and south Indian traditional wedding hairstyle at different stages of a wedding.


Check out our South Indian Wedding Photography captured by our expert South Indian Wedding Photographer – Chirali Thakkar and rest of our Fine Art Production team and tear dropping South Indian Wedding Highlight Video Film shot by lead South Indian Wedding Cinematographer Amish Thakkar. You will certainly be inspired looking at these stunning wedding photography and will get amazing wedding shopping ideas about south Indian Wedding Jewelry, South Indian Wedding Saree and unique south Indian Bridal Outfits. 


There are mainly Kannada Wedding Rituals, Tamil Wedding Rituals, Telugu wedding Rituals & Malayalee Wedding Rituals as part of south indian wedding traditional customs.   Certain south indian marriage traditions are common across communities, whereas some traditions are unique. Each state has its own cultural flavor of south indian marriage traditions. Most South indian Hindu wedding traditions lasts for several days, while south indian catholic wedding traditions last for two to three days.


To know about Gujarati Wedding customs and traditions, one must attend Gujarati Wedding ceremony. You will be amazed to see how nicely gujarati people celebrate their gujarati wedding also knows as Lagna or Shubh Vivah. Average Gujarati Weddings in India have about 500-600 guests to up to 3000 guests to attend this grand gujarati wedding celebration. Gujarati weddings are always planned for multiple days with lots of events with yummy gujarati food starting from Fafda, Bhajiya, Gota, Samosa, Chutney, Undhiyu, Ladoo, Penda, Gulab Jamun, Kachori and so much more delicious gujarati dishes. Gujarati Caterers are capable of serving to any size of guest for multiple days of events.



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Gujarati wedding announcement comes right after the Sagai (Engagement) Event in form of Custom Designed Kankotri – Wedding Invitation Card. Generally guests are informed about 2-3 months prior to the wedding date in India and while out of india families are being informed almost a year in advance so that most of them can make their travel plans ahead of time. Large varieties of Kankotri templates are available online with kankotri photos and unique styled kankotri designs. There are software available to design Kankotri – Wedding Invitation Card. There are special markets for Wedding Invitation Shop where you can get hundreds of handmade kankotri.  


As you enter at any gujarati family house having gujarati wedding ceremony, you will hear the sounds of Dhol, Nagada, Turi, Taturi and Murli. You will also feel the presence of famous Gujarati Lagna Geet singers who are masters into customizing each gujarati wedding song with bride’s name, groom’s name along with the family names added into each song they sing during the wedding ceremony. Gujarati Lagna Geet Bands are very popular throughout nation. Some of the very popular tradition wedding bands like Nizam band from Jambusar (  and other similar bands from rural area of gujarat state’s villages perform famous wedding songs.

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This playlist is put-together by Indian Wedding Photographer and Cinematographer - Chirali & Amish Thakkar from Fine Art Production. This list has variety of wedding related songs and music that anyone who is getting married can use it or who recently got married can use it for wedding video editing. This list consists of wedding ceremony songs, garba songs, pithi songs, baarat songs, first dance music, flute instrumental music, danida raas music, reception dance floor tracks and many more. Enjoy this creation.