You will awake saying - finally my wedding day is here! We will capture stunning wedding getting ready pictures with your family and bridal party.


Starting from Surprised First Look moments to capturing solo pictures of both and followed by bride & groom's together pictures . Check out these wonderful together moments.


Indian Wedding Traditions includes rich and meaningful rituals that explains every step of wedding. We capture everything in details with our creative vision.

Wedding Bridal Party pictures are our one of our favorite moments to photograph. We spare enough time to photograph entire bridal party and immediate family members.


As everyone knows - indian wedding events are always full of pre-wedding events and here are some of the best indian pre-wedding photograph to view.


Wedding Decor is a key part and big invest of your wedding day. Check out Unique Stage Decoration Ideas that you can use to Transform Your Wedding.

Why have the same old Baraat? Here are some cool trendy Baraat ideas and baarat photography, which are great to take inspiration from if you have your wedding coming up!


Bridal editorial styled shoot, Bridal editorial photography inspiration. Check out more ideas about Bridal, Editorial photography and Fashion photography. Make this as part of your wedding day photography check-list.

Indian wedding is full of multiple events - Sangeet, Garba, Jaggo, Maiyan are some of popular wedding festivities that guests enjoy with bride & groom and their family.

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Your connection with your wedding photographer is very important. We - Chirali & Amish make sure that you will cherish your wedding moments captured through our creative eyes..forever.


You name it as pre-wedding photo session, engagement photo session or e-session, we will make sure that you both will love your amazing photographs during this session.

After you are announced Husband & Wife during the beautiful indian wedding ceremony, now it is a time to socialize with friends and family and have blast reception time.

Indian Destination Wedding makes it very unique opportunity for all the guest from around the globe to come and witness your wedding at an exotic venue. Click to view the best destination wedding photography.

During your entire wedding ceremony, we will be capturing the combination of beautiful  wedding portrait, family shots,lots of candid, photo-journalistic photography that will sure to amaze you.

Our expert aerial wedding photographer and underwater wedding photographer will bring you completely different angle of images to wow you. Check out some of the finest images. 

Indian Wedding Traditions


Gujarati Wedding Traditions - The Rituals Which Complete Your Shubh Lagna or Shibh Vivah. Combination of events ike Chandlo Matli, Gol-Dhana, Pithi, Mameru and so on. Check out Gujarati Wedding Photography and Gujarati Wedding videography. 

South Indian Wedding Traditions that includes twelve different rite and rituals according to different regions - Kannadiga wedding, Coorgi wedding, Bunt wedding, Telugu more to see our South Indian Wedding Photography.

Sikh Wedding Tradition includes Roka, Kurmai, Kirtan, Chunni Chadai, Maiya,  Mehndi and Chooda Ceremony, Gana, Gana, Vatna, Gharoli,

Baraat, Milini, Anand Karaj, Laavan Pheras, Karah Prasad, Doli and Reception - check out our Sikh Wedding Photography & Videography.

Muslim Wedding Traditions -  strongly pertain to rituals such as, Salatul Ishtikara, Imam Zamin, Mangni, Manjha, which can be
well regarded as the Islamic haldi, followed by Mehndi, Sanchaq, Baraat, Welcome, NIkah or the wedding, Arshi-Mushraf, Rukhsat, Walimah and the Chauthi. Check out our in-depth Muslim Wedding Photography.

Kerala is full of diverse tradition and culture. Kerala Christian people, marriages are considered the union of two people predestined by God. Aachaarakalyanam, Manasamatham, Wedding, Minnukettu are main traditions of a wedding. Check out beautiful Kerala - malayalee catholic wedding photography.

marathi wedding.jpg

Guyanese Wedding Traditions - 

Guyana has six different cultures which celebrate wedding in different ways.

The Wedding day is preceded by the matikore, sangeet and mehendi. These pre-rites prepare the bride and groom for their new stage in life and allow them to share special moments with members of the family. Check out our beautiful Guyanese Wedding Photography.

Punjabi Wedding Traditions - elaborate and larger-than-life Punjabi weddings are known worldwide. It includes Roka, Sagai, Shagun, Chunni Chadai, Sangget, Mehndi, Jago, Shehrabandhi, Varna, Milni, Baarat, Phere, Lajahom, Sindoordan are main rituals of big fat punjabi wedding. Check out our expert Punjabi Wedding Photography.

It is Said that love is made in heaven and wedding is made on earth - no matter who you love - of any faith - any religion - it is all about you two - together - that makes the perfect wedding. We have captured so many interfaith - multicultural wedding across the globe. Check out these stunning photographs.

Maharashtrian wedding traditions also knows as Marathi Wedding Traditions invloves Sakhar Puda, Halad Chadavane, Lagnaach Bedior, Sakhar Puda, Muhurt- Karane, Kelvan, Punyavachan,Seemanpuja, Sankalp, Saptapadhi, Karmasamapti are key rituals.Check out our beautiful Marathi Maharashtrian Wedding Photography.

Bengali wedding traditions includes Aashirbaad, Dodhi Mangal, Vriddhi, Gaye Halud Tattva, Bor Jatri, Bor Boron, Potto Bastra, Saat Paak, Subho Drishti, Mala Badal, Sampradan, Yagna, Saptapadi, Anjali, Sindoor Daan are the main ceremonies. Check out our Bengali Wedding Photography.

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