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Nava & Sushant - Beautiful Nepali Wedding at Sheraton Mahwah

We were fortunate to have had the opportunity to photograph the wedding session of Nava and Sushant. The couple is so lovely who have the most heart-warming smiles.

Their journey began when Nava used to hear Sushant’s praise via her relatives all the time at family gatherings but always smiled and walked away. One fine day, she receives a ‘Friend request’ by you know who ?? And Nava after so much of holding back decides to finally give Sushant a shot.

Sushant loves Nava’s smile, confidence, and her kind heart. Whereas, Nava loves Sushant’s eyes, his big heart, and intelligence. Sushant always says to Nava, “The good things in life are better with you” & Nava always says to Sushant, “Distance isn’t an issue because, in the end, I have you”.

Although, one lies at the beach, checking out hot girls (maybe Katy Perry) and sun tanning, the other hustle bustles driving up from NYC to South Jersey singing Shahid Kapoor’s songs… in the end, they love each other dearly and can’t wait to start their lives together.

A Beautiful Proposal by Sushant to Nava

Nava didn’t know this, but I’d been planning our engagement day for a while. She always wanted to go to NYC and spend the entire day there with me. So, one weekend, when I flew from Florida to meet her, I told her that we will go to NYC and hang out.

On July 2, 2016, I picked her up early morning and took off for NYC. During our train ride, I was so cautious about the ring (a big ring box that I had to hide in my pocket) and was meticulously sticking to the time and schedule that I had planned for the day. I had memorized entire map and train schedule to get to the spot for the Gondola ride.

Nava had no idea about what was going on since I had told her I have it all planned and she had nothing to worry about. She was surprised that I even knew the street names, train schedule, and the transfer stops that we had to take to get there. I told her I had to go to the Apple store for my phone but I was really taking her to the Central Park. Once we reached Central Park, I told Nava that lets got for a boat ride… She agreed! We waited on a preplanned spot and there was our ‘Gondola’ ride. Nava was very excited and was taking selfies and pictures. However, I told her not to take any pictures and enjoy the moment (As there was already someone who was taking our picture secretly ;) ).

When the boat passed the ‘Bow Bridge’, Nava saw me on one knee, and figured out what was happening…but then said, “Who’s going to take our photos?”…Instead of saying maybe OMG, you are proposing here, etc, etc,…

At that moment, I forgot everything I had planned to say. The entire crowd was watching us from above and around the boat like paparazzi’s.

With tears in my eyes and a smile on my face I could only remember to say this: “……………………………………Nava, I love you. Will you marry me?”

She said said, YES!!!

After a pause she said again “ Who is taking our photos? !!!”…but with a Big Grin & tears of Joy!

Then they started planning their wedding

We started wedding planning from July 2016. Nava always wanted a dream wedding and I promised her that we will have a dream wedding that everyone will enjoy and have a memorable one.

Since I (Sushant) lived in West Plam Beach, Florida and Nava in New Jersey it was big challenge planning, selecting our vendor, making appointments, finalizing details etc. Thanks to technology (Skype, Facetime) and lots of trip from Florida to New Jersey which made it possible. We started off with a huge checklist items and set out selves a timeline for completion. Our Wedding itself was a big project besides work that we spent 4-5 hours every day to make sure our wedding was the perfect and how we wanted. Our first hunt was for a venue to fit our personalities, and when we saw Sheraton Mahwah it clicked as it was very beautiful and we are both nature lovers, after that everything fell into place with all the vendors. It was a great experience coordinating everything since it was a first wedding in a long time for both family in US. We had guests coming from all across US and different parts of the world, so we had to think about every single detail. Both Nava and I wanted a fusion wedding where we incorporated Nepali/Hindu tradition and added bit of western touch to it. We both enjoyed every bit of planning and coordinating the entire process and we are extremely happy that it went very well.

Finally when the day arrived

Time to Capture some moments at the beautiful location of Sheraton Mahwah

Proud to receive such a wonderful feedback for our service

We met Chirali when we were hunting for a decorator. It happened that Chirali was in her office (the same office where Wedding Designs is located). The moment we met her, we connected at a very personal level and we both loved the pictures/videos taken by Fine Art Production. Later many people/vendors recommended Fine Art Production which helped us to decide and pick you guys as our photo and a videographer for our wedding.

At the wedding and ceremony, we really liked the way you portrayed every single moment in a very photographic and yet natural way. The crew was outstanding and helped us in getting the best shots and capturing our best moments.

We hope you enjoy looking at these photos as much as we enjoyed while capturing them.

Congratulations, Nava & Sushant!

Love, Chirali & Amish Thakkar

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